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By working with the Ohio Farm Benchmarking Program, we will complete a financial analysis of your farming operation.  This analysis will help you understand where your areas of profitability are in the business.  We will give you tools to understand the numbers behind your analysis, and will show you how to use them to further your success.  Finally, you will be able to compare your farm business to similar businesses across Ohio to see how you stack up to the competition.  

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  • Financial Analysis (FINAN) analyzes your farm business through the use of balance sheets, income statements and enterprise analysis.

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  • Financial Long Range Budget Planning (FINLRB) helps to evaluate and explore projections to make responsible financial choices regarding future management options of your farm.


Now is the perfect time to start farm business analysis.  For more information, contact a Technician near you:

Defiance County | 419.782.4771  Clint Schroeder  schroeder.307@osu.edu

Licking County | 740.670.5315  Dave Grum  grum.1@osu.edu

Mahoning County | 330.533.5538  Christina Benton  benton.132@osu.edu

Miami County | 937.440.3945  Sharon Harris  harris.2835@osu.edu

Pickaway County | 740.474.7534  Trish Levering  levering.43@osu.edu

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  1. Crop Production Costs - Do you know yours? A quick look at the 2016 Ohio Farm Business Analysis

    Feb 27, 2018


    Dianne ShoemakerHaley Shoemaker

    Which number is closest to your total direct and overhead cost of production per bushel of corn: $3.08, $4.17, or $6.21? Do you know? Forty-two farms completed their 2016 farm business and crop enterprise analysis in 2017. The four lowest cost producers averaged $3.08 per bushel, the median COP was $4.17, and the four highest cost producers averaged $6.21 per bushel.

  2. Cutting costs on your dairy farm

    Oct 19, 2017

    A penny per hundredweight trumps a dollar per cow in 2016

    For the country’s dairy farmers, there doesn’t appear to be anything “sweet” to anticipate in ‘16. On the contrary, slimming down production costs is essential. With a 4-year average total cost of production of $19.66 – which is already adjusted for bull calf and cull cow income –there is a yawning chasm between production costs and milk income per cwt.

    Where to start slimming? First, let’s determine “what is”. What are the big players in the list of costs?

  3. Don't cut your dairy profitability

    Oct 19, 2017

    How is your time best spent? Trying to cut expenses by a dollar per cow or a penny per hundredweight? For every hundred cows you milk, you will save $100 for every dollar you cut in production costs per cow. If each of those cows are putting 24,000 lbs. of milk in the tank each year, finding one cent per cwt in savings will save $240 per year. A penny per cwt. trumps a dollar per cow in 2016.