About Us

What makes a successful farming business?  Is it the highest producing cows, record-breaking yields, or maybe the most up-to-date technology?  While all of these things may help, the real key to operating a successful farm is knowing where you stand financially.  

That's where the Ohio Farm Business Analysis Program comes in.  Our goal is to help you understand what all the numbers behind your profits or losses mean, and learn how to improve your business based on your analysis.  Our analysis covers all aspects of your farming business, from crops and livestock to much more.  

To complete your analysis, we will start with your beginning and ending balance sheets from the previous year.  These give us a snapshot of what your farm looked like at the beginning and end of your analysis.  To fill in the rest of the year, we provide input forms that cover all purchases, sales, and any other enterprise information.  

To view the input forms, visit our Input Forms for Analysis page

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