Farm Financial Management Webinar Series

This webinar offers participants information to help them better understand the farm business’s financial statements and how to use them to make management decisions. This series is for farm business owners who want to improve financial management and managing risk.

Webinar Session 1 – “Farm Business Planning and Systems Management”

  • Is the operation large enough and profitable enough to provide family living draw?
  • Is the business plan built on economic considerations?
  • Is there an adequate system for obtaining management information and monitoring business performance?
    • Instructional Material

Business Meetings

Farm Business Planning and Systems Management

Goal Setting

Webinar Session 2 – “Introduction to Financial Statements”

  • Balance sheets
  • Income statements
  • Statement of cash flows
  • Statement of owner equity
  • Projected cash flow budget
    • Instructional Material

Introduction to Financial Statements Handouts

Webinar Session 3- ” Farm Financial Ratios”

  • Liquidity: What are options to correct liquidity concerns?
  • Solvency: What options does a farm owner have in correcting this?
  • Profitability: Rate of return on farm assets- can I really affect this?
  • Repayment Capacity: Do I have the ability to repay the loan on the next farm?
  • Financial Efficiency: Am I using my money to its fullest potential?
    • Instructional Material

Ending balance sheet 1-1-14

Beginning balance sheet 1-1-13


Financial Ratios

Measuring and Analyzing Farm Financial Performance

Webinar Session 4- “Using Financial Data to Drive Decisions”

  • Determining risk capacity
  • Capital improvement plan- short and long term
  • Individual enterprise analysis to determine profitable enterprises
  • Decision time using case farms
    • Instructional Material

2015 ABC Sample Analysis

Financial Data Driven Decisions [Read-Only]

financial troubleshooting